What is Stand Up Paddle Boarding (SUP)

Stand up paddle (SUP) boarding is one of the hottest water sports today.

Once you try it, it’s easy to understand why. it’s a cross between canoe paddling and long-board surfing.
SUP’ing is very easy to learn, fun, healthy and can be done anywhere there’s a a body of water.

To get involved in SUP’ing all you need is a paddleboard, a paddle and you! Stand on the board and use the paddle to move around in the water. Once you’re up on your SUP board, no matter who you are, you’ll find you’ve left all your cares, worries and stress behind you on the land. There’s nothing like it!

SUP’ing is cool for so many reasons
it’s an awesome workout, it’s addictively fun, it’s effortlessly relaxing, sociable, and lets you get very close to nature and be in the moment.

SUP’ing is for everyone,
of all ages. No special skills required. As soon as you can stand up, you can SUP. You can even see elderly people on SUP boards. It’s great for families, as a social activity or as a solo relaxation activity.

There are as many styles of SUP as there are people,
you can race, fish, practice yoga, meditate, surf and exercise all from your Shibumi SUP. SUP can be done on a lake or river, in calm water or in waves. It provides recreation for the whole family or a great workout for the adventurous athlete.

Paddle boarding is the most exciting sport you will ever have tried, guaranteed!

It’s the kind of thing you have to try to believe. That’s why SUP’ing is the fastest growing sport on the planet. It’s practiced by people of all ages, anywhere there is water.

If you can stand up, then you can definitely SUP. SUP’ing is easy.

Surfing is not for everybody. If you’ve tried it and fallen off more times than you can count, you’ll know what I mean. If you can stand up, then you can definitely SUP. It’s also an art form, meaning the more you practice the better you get at it.

Feel good and look great. SUP’ing is a great workout as it works the whole body.

SUP’ing is a great workout, it works the whole body focusing on the core and also offering you an anaerobic workout too. So it has the same results of doing pilates and running at the same time. As well as burning 800 calories an hour, on average, Shibumi SUP also improves your balance. It is perfect for cross training.. because it requires the use of all muscles – from your feet, legs, back, stomach and neck muscles. Various osteopaths also use SUP as therapy as it’s low impact, so people who have problems in the lower back and sciatic areas can take advantage of its health advantages! What other sport can give such a claim?

SUP’ing is one of the most relaxing and meditative sports you can do.

Some people describe Shibumi SUP as “walking on water”. We tend to agree. There’s nothing quite as relaxing as watching the sunset across the water from on your Shibumi SUP board. On a calm day, the feeling of gliding across the water is one of the most relaxing and meditative sports you can do. It releases hormones.. which relax your body and clear your mind, it’s an effortless form of meditation, and all this while giving you a great workout. Zen on the water!

Unlike other sports, Shibumi SUP boarding is great for all ages, from 3 to 90.

Even dogs can ride along. No special skills are needed and it’s for people that have never considered getting on a surf board as well as for those who have made surfing a way of life. With Shibumi SUP boarding, you are never too young or too old to try.

Wherever there is water, is where you can SUP.

Because SUP boarding is versatile, it can be done anywhere you find water – lakes, rivers and oceans, in any weather condition, so there’s no need to wait for a full swell! With SUP surfing, you can get your share of adventure even when you’re in the calmest of waters.

You’ll get to see nature in action, from the most perfect viewpoint, with the ocean

under your feet, amazing sea-life moving about, beautiful sunsets and serene sunrises SUP’ing is one of very few activities which naturally puts you right in the moment. You can paddle on still water and enjoy the tranquility of your immediate environment. You’ll get to see nature in action, from the most perfect vantage point, which allows you to connect with your surroundings. That sure beats a session.. at a sweaty gym! And since this sport only requires your Shibumi SUP board and your paddle you can bring it with you when you travel!

With SUP, you can spend some meditative time alone, or share the fun with friends.

Unlike surfing, you can paddle board with a buddy, and spend your time chatting away. You can go surfing together, or even go fishing! You can race your friends, tackle rapids, AND even do a little yoga while on board! There are paddle board meet-ups where people just like you get together, travel and even meet other.. singles!

Because SUP’ing is so child-friendly, it’s an awesome way to spend time as a family.

There’s no way your kids will get bored when they’re SUP’ing with you. Since kids love it so much we’ve even created a special Shibumi SUP board for them. All you need is your Shibumi SUP, your paddle and you can travel anywhere for some great recreational and leisure activities for the whole family.

There’s something about the sense of freedom and power you get when you’re on a Shibumi board.

Most things that are addictive are very bad for you. Not this one. We guarantee you; get up on your Shibumi board and after only 5 minutes you’ll be totally hooked. There’s something about the sense of freedom you get when you’re on a Shibumi board.

The Growth of SUP
Whether you are living near the coast or in the inland waterways, stand up paddle boarding is just a very cool sport that provides you with countless fun and adventure!

It is now becoming known in almost
every country in the world, and has prompted the development of the sport and its equipments. Events
such as the MolokaiOahu World Championships of Paddleboarding, the Battle of Paddle in California,
the Annual Sandbridge in Vancouver, the Annual Gables to the Bay Regatta in Miami are well attended.
As stand up paddle boarding is now recognized as a “real” sport, sup athletes and sup equipment
manufacturers are increasing by the dozen.

In a recent statement released by the Standup Paddle Magazine, it was stated that interest for the sport
has grown by as much as 800% – and to think, people are just starting to find out about it through the
internet. According to Reid Inouye, editor of SUP Magazine, in a competition held 5 years ago at Lake
Tahoe, only 7 people joined, but this year, there were about 400 participants for the same event. On
the other hand, the MolokaiOahu, considered as one of the most prestigious (and most challenging)
paddle boarding events today, has sold out early. This is the first time this has happened and is a clear
indication of how popular SUP has become. The MolokaiOahu is considered as the ultimate test of a
paddle boarder who will need to cross the Molokai Channel – a 2,300 feet heavy sea, known for its
debilitating heat and nightmarish currents. Eight time champion Jamie Mitchell is again competing
because for him, this event is a personal pursuit, and every race offers new experiences. Truly the
popularity of standup paddle boarding is unprecedented.

Learning SUP takes a bit of patience, but it is easier than it appears. Because of this, there are more
women who are drawn to sport because it is easy to master. SUP borrows techniques from several
sports such as skiing, canoeing and surfing. The board looks a lot like that of a surf board, only wider,
hence it is often used as safety vessels for swimming races and kayaking events. Aside from this, SUP
equipment is also cheaper compared to other water sports. Boards and paddles can cost as low at
$1,000, hence you can be out and enjoying the water in no time! Thanks to standup paddle boarding,
even kids and the elderly can have a chance to “walk on water”!

Blast From the Past – History of SUP

Over the last 3000 years fisherman in Peru have been using paddle boards to go out into the ocean and catch fish. Little did they know that they had invented one of the quickest growing sports across the globe.

Jump forward a few thousand years, to the 1960s, and cross over to Hawaii, the decade where stand up paddling made its way to modern surfing. The beach boys of Waikiki would take regular surfboards with a one-bladed paddle and would go out onto the water to film tourists who were learning to surf.

Ku Hoe He’e Nalu, the Hawaiian word for SUP’ing, dates back to ancient times in Polynesia, and is still used by surfing instructors today who want to watch their students from a calm wave and a higher viewpoint.

It has been over ten years since Stand up Paddling or SUP surfing was introduced to mainland United States by Rick Thomas, a Vietnam veteran, who came the US with his eleven foot SUP board and paddle. Think about seeing that one guy alone on the water with his strange paddle board and one oar.

Because of its growth explosion in the United States, the US coast guard has even now recognized SUP’ing and has classified a SUP as a water vessel. This also means that rules have been created around the SUP to ensure the safety of people who use them.

As one of the most interesting and beneficial water sports activities available, more and more people have been attracted onto their SUP’s each year. Various events have been organized across the globe using Stand up Paddles. Races are conducted as well as SUP’ing contests and even SUP board exhibits. The most notable perhaps was the “Battle of the Paddle” in October 2009 at Doheny State Beach, Dana Point, CA.

In the ten years that the sport has existed, there have been many developments. There are different styles of SUP’ing for racing, relaxing and family events. Also there is greater choice of boards available and even fashion wear around the sport. Some people even conduct yoga and different fitness workouts on their paddles.


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