How To Ride A Skateboard 101

So you have came to the conclusion you want to learn how to ride a skateboard? well you have came to the right place here are some tips and gear suggestions that will accelerate your learning curve. For those experience skaters we strongly advise investing in these products as they will help you improve that bit your looking for.

Tip 1: First Things First

When you first start to learn how to ride a skateboard you want to let your body get use to rolling on 4 wheels, just practice pushing, turning riding over obstacles like lipped gutters as well as being on different surfaces.

Tip 2: Learn How To Ride A Skateboard For Your Own Reason

Skate for yourself, the most important thing about skateboarding is enjoying your time whilst being on one. You want to find your motive to skate wether it is to accomplish a goal you’ve set by learning a new skill or doing it for the love of the sport and aspiring to be your best you can be, in like sense you have to be yourself.

Tip 3: Be Comfortable

If you can first start learning how to ride a skateboard in your backyard or in a private area so you are completely comfortable to try new things.

Tip 4: Adsorb

Ride with your knees slightly bent, by doing this you are lowering your centre of gravity and will be less presentable to unexpected changes in the surfaces or speeds and falling off.

Tip 5: You NEED This !

Soft trucks is probably the best thing you can buy when it comes to learning how to ride a skateboard. This product prevents your board from rolling whilst attempting new tricks such as a kick flip & a  Tre flip. Buy them through amazon Here and Save yourself upto 20% off retail prices


All protection should be a worn as a requirement when learning how to ride a skateboard to prevent any injuries it also doubles as a confidence booster knowing that your a less likely to get hurt.



I Can’t stress enough of the importance of wearing a helmet whilst being on the skateboard, this single thing will give you that extra advantage of having the confidence of when you fall your most important asset is protected.

Elbow & Knee Pads

if you intend to take your skating above you current skill set (which you will need to do if you aspire to better yourself) Knee And Elbow Pads should be a general requirement and actually a key part of ramp skating.

Wrist Guards

Although wrist guards aren’t really used a lot in skateboarding, they will help you keep your skin on your hands aswell as prevent weathering in your wrist joints in the long run whilst learning how to ride a skateboard.


  • Vince
  • September 22, 2018

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