How to do yoga on the surf board

The latest summer trend is to practice yoga on a surfboard, surrounded by the calm and the beauty of the sea …. Do you want to try?

How to do yoga on the surf board

Known as SUP (Stand Up Paddleboard) yoga, yoga to do on a surfboard is challenging and requires concentration and muscular strength. It’s almost like walking on the water …

The surfboard is large enough and long to act as a “mat ” to do the exercises; it is also durable enough to withstand a person who trains on it.

Even the simplest yoga positions become complicated if done on the unstable surface of the sea: to begin, make some tests on the sand, to get started familiarizing with this sports tool.

Every yoga position in the Stand Up Paddleboard Yoga it is slowed down because it is more difficult to keep the balance.

Of course, before approaching this discipline you have to have practiced yoga before and you have to know how to swim .

The lesson begins with a stretching of heating on the beach: greetings in the sun for example.

Afterwards, they proceed to the water with the table : it is held next to it, walking in the water, beginning to warm up the muscles and then the poses rise.
It concludes with meditation and the Savasana position .


How to train for surfing with yoga


Making paddleboard yoga is tiring but is a good way to energize and transform sports practice by adding the water element, which favors more core engagement and therefore it’s good to have the necessary strength training in place. .

You certainly can not aspire to perfection because at any moment a wave can change the balance and … you find yourself in the water!

Making yoga on the surfboard is fun: the novelty when training is always positive because it stimulates the mind, and the muscles differently than usual. Mixing different lashes reduces boredom and reduces the risk of injury.

Yoga in the water is good for the body : since the board is unstable, you need to use the core to balance. All the middle body of the body must work to keep the body on the table without falling. It works very intensely, focusing on movement.

It is a sport of rare beauty because it is made in water, at sea, with the sun and the scent of water instead of being closed in a gym. Practiced outside, yoga is like the union of nature, man and universe.

L yoga on the surfboard is also relaxing , helps to calm down and improves breathing: hearing the noise of the sea helps relaxation and focus on the breath.
A unique yoga experience , combining sporting practice with the beauty of the natural environment where you are getting calm and relaxed.


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