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What is SUP?

SUP is short for Stand Up Paddle, that is, another form of surfing. The SUP is practiced standing up on a special table. Let’s find out more together! What is SUP and how is it practiced SUP is a discipline which looks new, but in fact it is quite an old sport. It was already […]

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How to do yoga on the surf board

The latest summer trend is to practice yoga on a surfboard, surrounded by the calm and the beauty of the sea …. Do you want to try? How to do yoga on the surf board Known as SUP (Stand Up Paddleboard) yoga, yoga to do on a surfboard is challenging and requires concentration and muscular strength. […]

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Surfboard Buyers Guide

Buying the right surfboard that will perform best for you can be an art. The aim of this post is to arm you with the information you need to make an informed decision when purchasing your next surfboard. Types of Surfboards   Short board The standard surfboard (5ft to 7ft), with a pointed nose, the […]

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Getting Your Body Groomed for the SurfBoard

Here’s a short guide for getting ready for the beach and your SUP board after a winter spent on the sofa eating pies and watching Netflix. Shed Your Winter Jersey There are no exact rules for body hair however a wild unkept pelt is never a good look, especially for the surfboard. So if you’re […]

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Skateboarding Tricks

How To Ollie: Learning How To Ollie on a skateboard is the first step before learning any other tricks. Knowing How To Ollieproperly is very important as it is the most basic trick and the root of any varations. How To Ollie: step 1 Put your front foot in between both trucks and your back foot on the […]

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Top world surf holiday destinations

On flat days when there is no swell to speak of, surfers daydream about packing a board and heading off to one of the more glamorous surf destinations. Sometimes even the most dedicated cold-water surfer longs for warm seas, and almost anyone can see the attraction of a gorgeous sunny beach with perfect waves and […]

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  • Vince
  • February 24, 2018

Review of The Carlisle Standard Paddle

The Carlisle Standard Paddle is for all-around recreational use and is designed for all levels of paddler. It offers a wide blade for power strokes and a T-grip handle for a secure hold. The vinyl-clad outer shell increases durability and protection with UV resistance. For a low cost, the Carlisle Standard Paddle offers all-around performance […]

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Kayaking – A Full Guide for Beginners

Kayaking takes place in waterways across the world and is a sport that is growing in popularity. More and more people are finding the time to start kayaking and it provides enjoyment for hundreds of thousands of people each year. Kayaking has universal appeal as people can pick it up at any age and can […]

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Choosing and Handling Your SUP Equipment

How To Choose a Paddle Board / A Paddle The are some factors you need to take into consideration when choosing your SUP board: For the waves, if freestyle and small waves are your passion, you should choose a small size board like Shibumi Pro Small 7.6′ or Shibumi 8.9′. If you are looking for […]

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Health Benefits of SUP

Maintain Physical Fitness After a session on your SUP you’ll feel completely recharged. Your blood pressure will be lowered and your cholesterol level will be improved. SUP’ing is great for overall fitness levels. It’s a body workout without the work. SUP’ing counteracts all of the factors that can over time destroy your health. Improve cardio-endurance, […]

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