5 Tips that will Help You Tre Flip

This 5 tip guide will help your land that bad A** Looking tre flip everyone loves, this trick looks very impressive when it is done right and we are here to help you impress and show up those posers at the park.

Tip 1: The Set Up For A Tre Flip

You want to be comfortable with the board you are riding to preform this trick we recommend getting soft trucks to prevent your board rolling (They really help nail the trick). The tre flip should be preformed in a relaxed and natural manner (you would want your kick flip and pop shuv it’s down pat first). Good Now that we have established that you should have 1/4 of your back foot (left for Goofy, right for Regular) hanging of your tail and your front foot (right for Goofy left, for Regular) just Past half way of the board with it positioned in the kickflip stance (diagram below).

Tip 2: The Execution Of A Tre Flip

Now your feet should be positioned like your about to do a pop shuv it / kickflip all at the same time, because that is exactly what you are doing (pop shuv it + kickflip = tre flip)! Once you are ready and in a comfortable position you want to prepare for the trick by bending at the knees slightly and scooping rather than “poping” whilst flicking your leg in the kick flip motion (Diagram

Tip 3: Mid Trick Thinking

Whilst you are preforming the trick you want your legs sucked up to your chest and the board to spin 360 and the board flip over laterally one time, once the board has done so you want to continue to extend your legs to prepare for landing.

Tip 4: Catching The Board

OK, So the board has completed it’s 360 rotation and flip now how the heck do you get down? well there is 2 ways of catching the skate board 1. you catch with both feet my extending your legs until your feet make contact with the board’s deck (Simplest method) 2. Extend front leg to make contact with the face follow by your back.

Tip 5: Practice Makes Perfect

Practice, Practice and Persist. The key to learning any new skill is practice, patience & Persistence. For visual clarification the video below explains the tre flip further.

  • Vince
  • September 22, 2018

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